1917 – Is This the Best Movie of the Year?



It’s that time of the year when we look back at the movies that have been released to decide the best movie of the year.

This year, making a decision has been quite difficult because so many wonderful films were released. We were particularly attracted to the movie titled 1917.

The movie was directed by the super-amazing cinematographer named Roger Deakins. His stint as a cinematographer started many years ago, and he has so many outstanding completed projects in the entertainment industry.

1917 is a film about World War I, the tale portrays the scenery and horrific events that happened during the War that still makes viewers shudder even in films and is based on a true story, says https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7785893/The-true-story-inspired-new-WWI-film-1917-based-director-Sam-Mendes-grandfather.html.

The movies depict a show of wits between the British army and the German army. The action starts with two privates from the British army who embark on an assignment to warn the British troops about an ambush that could lead to the loss of thousands of British soldiers’ lives.

The privates in this movie are named Schofield and Blake, the roles played by George MacKay and Dean Charles Chapman, respectively.

During the captivating adventure, the daring privates travel through the French countryside to accomplish their mission. They avoided the enemies who wouldn’t think twice before attacking them with guns and other scary weapons.

Through the ordeal, Schofield and Blake learn to survive against the odds by depending on their training and supporting each other. In the end, they narrowly accomplish their mission.

Why We Think 1917 is Brilliant

There have been so many war dramas that depict the events in World War I, but this story stands out.

The cinematography for this movie is outstanding. The scenes, combat, and dialogue are in sync with the entire storyline.

The movie, 1917, also features a plot that will keep you spellbound with thrilling suspense.

With all the drama, the audience is not spared some emotions, which have been thrown into the mix expertly to get the desired reaction from the audience.

We also commend the cast. The actors who played the role of Schofield and Blake did an excellent job. Natural acting and excellent delivery are some of the attributes of the main characters who made the story easy to follow.

We had a sneak peek at the behind the scenes videos and we saw just how much effort has gone into making the film.

The directors relied on the illumination from the sun during the daytime and at dusk; bonfires were created to provide enough illumination to give the scenes a natural look.

In conclusion, the big picture is absolutely amazing. The movie, 1917, is a must-see, and highly recommended to people who enjoy war dramas.

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