4 Essential Tips on Spotting Good Web Designers



Did you know that 38% of users leave a website if they don’t visually like its content or design? If you want your company website to secure leads, you must understand that there is no way to avoid investing in your website and hiring reliable designers. A superior website requires a professional web designer or an experienced web design company that can create not only a site that reflects your brand image, but also one that effectively and accurately communicates your overarching business message. 

Now, before sharing some highly valuable tips that will help you find experienced and reliable web designers and design agencies, there is one thing we have to clarify. If your company still doesn’t have a website for some reason, countless customers are passing you by without even knowing your company exists. Any ambitious business, even a small startup, must have a high-quality site, even if only a fine-looking landing page that has some basic contact information. 

When intending to buy a product or order a service, consumers nowadays first go to the web and check it before ultimately making a purchase. So, the only appropriate solution for a potentially successful business today would be to hire a web design company able to supply comprehensive website design and development services from scratch. The question is, though, how do you find an agency or specialist that you can trust with designing your site? Let’s take a look at the four essential tips on spotting a good web designer. 

How Do You Find a Good Web Designer or Design Company? 

Aside from the things a particular web design company says about itself, there are things you should take into account when hiring one. It’s like understanding if you can trust a person or not – is it a good friend that will help you out in a bad situation, or will you get stabbed in the back? Below are four major tips that will help you locate the most suitable web design company for your company. 

Tip #1. Check the Portfolio 

The very first step to discovering the finest web design company is checking portfolios of the candidate agencies. You want to determine if they have experience in your niche. Seeing their portfolios provides you with great insight into what the design company in question is capable of. 

So, a portfolio overview will help you understand if a web designer or design company has the necessary experience in your particular industry. If they do, make sure to check examples of sites they have created for your competitors. It’s an awesome way to get an idea of a company’s approach to designing as well as seeing if you like their work or not. 

If the company or contractor doesn’t have sufficient experience in your niche, you can still take their design style into consideration. This way, you will see if it matches what you want and need for your site. 

Tip #2. Check Customer Testimonials 

Customer testimonials give you an idea of the kind of work the agency or designer performs. Whenever you aren’t familiar with a web designer, customer testimonials help you determine if they will be able to provide you with quality services. 

Companies with tons of customer testimonials normally provide great services. That is, when you see that many people are sharing the same positive experience of working with a particular company, it’s a positive sign. Usually working with such a company or contractor works out. 

Tip #3. Check the Prices 

Even if you found a company or designer you want to hire, everything comes down to your budget. It is important to hire a web design company or designer that fits your budget. Logically, you should check the prices and service packages before trying to hire someone. 

This may be a problematic task since it’s not all that easy to determine an exact price for creating a website. The ultimate cost depends upon everything you require for your company website. A business owner who only wants a simple website will spend less than a person that decides on an in-depth webpage with a  layered user journey, animations, and more. Some web design companies provide a price calculator that helps to get a more precise idea of the money your site may cost you in the end. Either way, it’s still a kind of anchor that helps you get closer to the company or designer that will provide you with needed assistance. 

Tip #4. Check the Additional Services 

When trying to find a reliable web designer, you should also check if any additional services are available. 

During the process of creating your website, you may find out that you’re going to need some other, closely related services. For example, you may decide that you need a professional search engine optimization (SEO) service to make your site more visible in search results.

In this event  you want to hire a web design company or designer that offers more than just plain website  services. Focus on looking for full-service agencies that also have other services in-store. This way, you will not need to waste your time and money on finding other contractors to handle these services for you. 


To condense all of the above – you need to hire a respected, reputed, and professional web designer or design company. Your company will not survive in the harsh business environment without a good website. There are many things a website can help with, such as sales, visibility, reputation, brand awareness, and so on. Since all the imaginable types of websites overrun the market, coming up with one that will stand out and draw traffic can be quite difficult. Free website builders are out of the question because generic sites impede success these days. 

Hiring a web design company or expert designer is the only way to go. Just note that web design companies have access to greater resources (i.e., tools, talent pool, functions, etc.), while a single web designer is only a person that relies on their individual skills and knowledge. Reputed web design companies work in teams that include experts who handle various tasks and can do them via professional software that’s not available to private contractors in most cases. Furthermore, when you work with an agency, you end up working with a hive mind that will make sure your project is properly designed and smoothly working well before and well after its ultimate launch. So, do your research and make a choice that’s best for you, your budget, and your company in the long run.

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