4 Tips For Your First Year in College



Whether you were considered a social outcast with very few friends in high school, or the captain of the football team, college is going to be different from high school no matter what. College is a new experience and a fresh start and one full of many surprises perhaps you haven’t anticipated yet. 

To help you navigate your first year of this new environment, full of plenty of responsibility and challenges, here are some essential tips.

Invest in the Right Tools

If you thought you had a lot of work in high school, then you’re going to be blown away when you get to college. Your professors will be throwing all sorts of information and people work at you, so it’s important that you have the right tools to manage it all.  Make sure that you equip yourself with all the tools you need to stay organized and on top of all of your assignments.  You want to make sure that you have a high quality bag like this one, an agenda, a computer, and of course the basic tools like plenty of pens and paper. 

In addition to physical tools, you want to make sure that you embrace technology as well. Things like digital scheduling software that syncs across all your devices is essential for remembering important dates and deadlines.

Create a Rigorous Study Schedule 

Half of the battle of college work is retaining the information that they give to you. It’s important that you study regularly, to ensure that you’re ready for your tests and reviews. Some people’s brains are more willing to retain information early in the morning, while other people are much more alert in the evenings. 

Create your study schedule around your personal learning habits, and stick to it, says Cornell. Above all, make sure to take breaks. Even though non stop cramming for a test may seem like the best way to go, the truth is that short breaks improve your retention.

Take Care of Yourself

It’s important that you prioritize self-care as much as possible if you hope to keep up with the rigorous schedule of college, says RollingStone. It’s easy to fall into bad habits during your first year, since you’re so excited to be experiencing your first year of adulthood. However, neglecting your nutrition or sleep won’t do any favors for your studies. Practice adequate self-care in all areas of your life if you hope to maintain a healthy school and life balance.

Stay Connected With Family

Stay connected with your family back at home as much as possible, especially if you’re studying out of state. Homesickness does and often will happen, and you can alleviate some of these feelings of loneliness by staying in contact regularly.  From weekend visits to video calls, try to make an effort to stay in touch as much as possible.

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