5 Safe Ways to Hold Ejaculation and Finish Last



Nice guys finish last—not first! Or do they?

The truth is, sex is different for just about everyone. A recent study showed that sex lasted couples, on average, 33 seconds to 44 minutes—a big variation!

However, some men might worry that they aren’t lasting long enough in bed. Holding ejaculation can be hard, but is there anything you can do to last longer?

Yes—keep reading to find five ways to finish last, letting you last longer in bed.

1. Change Positions

Often, holding in your ejaculation is easier if you change positions. If a certain position feels good, it’s probably going to feel too good, too soon—resulting in a climax before you’re ready.

Men find that if they change positions a few times during intercourse, this can help them last longer.

2. Try Out a Numbing Spray

If you feel that you’re particularly sensitive down there, a numbing spray can help.

Try out this lidocaine spray for him, as it works to provide gentle desensitization to the penis. Sex will still feel amazing, but it won’t feel like you’re going to climax instantly—numbing sprays are an effective tool for lasting longer in the bedroom.

For some men, condoms can have a similar effect, so try wearing them and see if it helps. Of course, if you’re not in a monogamous relationship, condoms are a must anyway!

3. Take Deep Breaths

Holding back ejaculation isn’t always easy, but you might find that deep breathing can help. Try to take a few deep breaths and hold yourself back, focusing on your body rather than the sensation of sex.

Premature ejaculation is often caused by nerves, so slow, controlled breathing can often help you calm down, reduce your anxiety, and focus on lasting longer.

4. Spend Lots of Time on Foreplay

If you’re worried about climaxing too soon, but you want your partner to still have an enjoyable encounter, focus more on foreplay. Spend plenty of time kissing, touching, and pleasuring them, making sure they’re happy.

Sex isn’t all about penetration, so be sure to be a giving, generous lover—your partner is sure to love it!

5. Seek Help From a Therapist

If you’ve tried just about everything and still can’t hold back, your problem might be more mental than physical. Consider talking to a therapist who specializes in psychosexual issues.

There’s nothing to be ashamed about when it comes to seeking help, as a therapist can help you work out why you’re climaxing so soon—and they’ll help you solve the problem.

Learn More About Holding Ejaculation With These Tips

If holding ejaculation is tough for you, you’re not alone. Many other men have a similar issue.

Try out the tips above and see if they can help, as they should make a difference. In addition to the above, always talk to your partner about the issue–as a couple, it’s something you can deal with together, so you don’t need to manage on your own.

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