5 Tips to Make Granite Countertops Shine


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Granite is one of the most loved and preferred stones for countertops. It’s beautiful shine and patterned grains make it the best material for the kitchen. When compared to other stones, granite is easy to maintain and durable.

However, when it comes to staining, you have to be careful to play around granite. With time, you can see some scratching and etching on the surface as well. But regular cleaning will ensure your granite has a long-lasting luster.

These quick tips will help you make your granite countertop keep shining forever.

1. Avoid Keeping Hot Stuff Over Granite

When hot pans are put directly on the granite counter tops, they tend to damage the top surface of the stone. Some minor scratching can also happen because of this. It is always advised to use an insulating mat. Excessive heat also erodes the sealant quickly. Therefore, always be a bit careful while using hot pots, curling irons or hair straighteners over granite.

2. Seal the Granite Countertop

Sealants provide shine to granite surfaces and make it stain resistant. New counter tops are applied with sealants at the fabrication units. As the years go by, you may notice that granite becomes drab and dull. A quick way to fix this is by applying sealants.

You can do an easy test over your countertop to check if it needs to be resealed. Just pour half a cup of water over granite. If you see water beads are forming, it’s a sign that the sealant is doing its job fine and there is no need to reseal.

3. Clean the Counter Top Carefully

The best way to keep granite bounty and beautiful is by cleaning it regularly. Start by removing the stove and other appliances from the platform. Use a mild soap and gently scrub the surface to remove stains and debris.

Avoid using a thick brush as it might damage the sealant. Be careful while using chemicals and refrain from acidic cleaners like bleach, vinegar, lemon, and ammonia. Try to form the shape ‘S’ while scrubbing to get rid of sticky spills efficiently.

For safer granite usage, it is recommended to use disinfectants to kill germs, if there are any. Just mix equal parts of isopropyl alcohol and water to apply on the surface. Wait for 5 minutes, and clean the solution with warm water. It is that quick and easy!

4. Polish the Granite for the Shine

To have a lustrous looking granite countertop it is very important to polish it regularly. There are a bunch of ways to do it. You can either make a DIY polish or get a special ‘Granite Polish’ to make it shine.

Start applying the polish from one end of the surface and move forward in circular motions. Use a soft cloth to polish as this will avoid streaking. If you can still see streaks forming just wipe out the polish with a clean cloth and let it dry off.

Another great way to buff is by using cooking oil. Applying oil ensures that granite remains shiny and stain-resistant.

5. Avoid Harsh Substances

It is advised to take certain precautions around granite countertops.

While cutting, always use chopping boards to avoid scratching the granite surface with knives. Cosmetic products should be kept away from granite as the chemicals can tarnish the sealant and cause staining.

Granite is an elegant stone and if you follow these easy tips you can revitalize the stone easily making your investment last much longer. These tips are not only important for aesthetics but taking care of your countertops really helps maintain the value of your home.

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