Review of Terminator Resistance



We left the cinema smiling and happy after the first viewing of the Terminator Resistance movie. It was everything we expected. A wonderful storyline with different twists, action, and suspense. We were happy that some of the characters who have gained popularity among the fans were retained.

We saw the face of Arnold Schwarzenegger again, as reported by DestructOid, and it was such a relief. This time, he was a good guy but not as strong as the enemy.

The resistance continues, this time, a legendary soldier was sent from the future to protect the young girl who didn’t know she was going to lead the resistance against the evil robots.

The movie started with a scene showing the normal life of a regular factory worker and her brother. And then we saw how the soldier from the future came to present-day earth.

There was a snippet that showed how Sarah Connor couldn’t protect her son from the terminator many years ago. We appreciate the throwback; it helped to refresh our memory about the origins of the Terminator story.

The Story

Again, we saw a vicious villain with powers to regrow parts of his robotic skeleton, change features, and turn his limbs into deadly weapons. The chase began to end the rebellion before it starts by killing the leader before she even joins the rebellion.

It was a spellbinding adventure, fast-paced, and entertaining. There were high-speed car chase scenes, and moments when it seemed the good guys were winning the battle, but the vicious villain was relentless, even till the end.

We were thrilled that the storyline and plot for the Terminator-Resistance movie are different from the previous Terminator movies. It is a standalone story, which makes it possible for the younger ones to watch the movie and have a great time, even when they have not seen the earlier Terminator movies.

The Backstory Twists

We were intrigued by the amazing writing style for this movie. The backstory has so many interesting twists. If you do not watch the movie until it ends, you will miss out on a great deal of information. The backstory twists we discovered at the end of the movie are one of the reasons we left the cinema with a smile on our faces.

We knew that it would be well with the rebellion, and the battle of man against machine was in favour of the human rebellion. Well, except a new Terminator movie is made with a different twist.

The Directors Need Applause

The directors did a great job with this film. The cinematography is commendable. We saw realistic acting, and the array of sophisticated weapons used in different scenes made the viewing experience fascinating.

There were emotional scenes when difficult decisions had to be made to save the lives of the good guys. The movie is a good blend of different scenes, we like it. We also enjoyed the theme of music in the movie.

Yes, it could have been better, in many ways but we cannot complain. The Terminator Resistance is entertaining and worthwhile.

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