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Net Worth

The media paints Adrienne Bolling as a loving wife who is supportive of her husband. She stays away from public comments even with the accusations and controversies that have trailed her marriage.

Adrienne Bolling is married to Eric Bolling, who is a conservative political commentator and an American TV personality (see this article). Eric Bolling has been featured many times on The Fox News where he discusses financial issues.

Adrienne Bolling is an actress with many acting projects in her portfolio. She became quite popular in the media as the wife of a TV personality –Eric Bolling- who has been accused of sexual harassment and other related scandals.

Adrienne Bolling – Early Life

She was born in Chicago, Illinois. Adrienne grew up in her hometown, where she went to school and met the love of her life – Eric Bolling.

Marriage and Lifestyle

Adrienne Bolling got married to her college sweetheart, Eric; they had a son named Chase Bolling. Adrienne is an energetic person who likes to keep busy. She finds time from her busy schedule to volunteer at the Las Vegas Rescue Mission during Thanksgiving.

The Bollings can often be seen at the St. Patrick’s Cathedral many times a week. They have lived in New York for many years.

Adrienne Bolling was called out in the media to respond to the allegations against her husband, Eric, who supposedly made inappropriate sexual advances towards female colleagues at work. She stood by her husband through this trying time, even though he lost his job at the Fox News.

Adrienne Bolling can be quoted to have said on many occasions that she values her family above everything. Her husband Eric feels the same way; he cites an occasion where he had to forgo a lucrative media deal because of an appointment at their son’s school to participate in a reading class for the minors.

The family takes time out to visit different parts of the United States on vacation. They are known to frequently visit beautiful cities in Florida, Miami, and Orlando.

The Bolling Tragedy

On the 9th of September, 2017, Adrienne and her husband Eric lost their son Chase Bolling, according to According to the reports, Chase died after an overdose. The details of the incident were quite sketchy and it is not known which substance he consumed, that led to his death. The Bollings were thrown into mourning. It was difficult to lose their only son. Chase Bolling was a student at the University of Colorado, before his sudden demise. Chase was also a fascinating baseball player.

Adrienne Bolling – Net Worth

Very little is known about Adrienne’s net worth. However, her husband Eric Bolling’s financial status is more quantifiable, he is said to be worth over $25 million.

The Bollings have continued to live quietly after the death of their son, often sited at the church or nearby restaurants in their city.

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