Advice on How to Repair Your Garage Door


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The garage door primarily consists of two components that include the door and the opener respectively. More than often, you may notice simple damages to your garage door, but ignore them. However, such damages if left for a long period may create a bigger mess than you anticipated. Among some of the problems that you may experience with a damaged garage door include, for example, making your garage easily accessible to thieves or possible casualty, especially when opening or closing your damaged garage door. In essence, there are simple measures you can take to solve simple damages to your garage door thus saving you time and money.

In case you are not mechanically inclined, here are some tips that can help you to repair your damaged garage door:

Check the sensor in case your garage door is not going down

Garage doors may fail to go down, especially when something is wrong with the sensor. In such a case, it could be possible that the problem is a simple matter that you can rectify easily. For instance, you need to check not only the position but also the location where the problem is first. Further, you can make a difference by placing the sensor, for example, in a lower position. On the same note, you need to ensure there are no objects close to the sensor. The root cause of the problem could be caused by objects that are blocking the sensor thus preventing your garage door from working properly.

Check for an opener or remote issues 

In case you are experiencing problems with your opener or remote, the batteries may have gone bad. This is a simple issue because you only need to change the batteries with new ones. However, the problem can also be complicated such as the need to fix the system that performs the role of opening your garage door. Changing the batteries is a simple repair issue, but working on the entire garage door can be more involving. As a result, you may need to look for a garage door service provider such as

Seek professional help if there is heavy lifting

In case you are mechanically inclined and decides to repair the garage door yourself, it is advisable to get someone to assist you with heavy lifting as well as other aspects that may require the input of the professional advice than one individual. Such a consideration is necessary for your safety and to avoid breakages in the process that might be costly in terms of incurring more expenses to repair your garage door.

Make some adjustments

If you are experiencing problems with opening or closing your garage door, you may consider making some adjustments by increasing the force setting. You can use the knob up top to adjust by turning it steadily clockwise and you need to check it frequently until you are contented that it is working properly.

Lubricate your garage door and ensure the nuts and bolts are tightened properly

It is advisable to ensure your garage door system is lubricated often and every piece is in its place. Such a consideration is necessary to avoid instances of unpleasant door noise or stability issues.

Emphasize safety maintenance

You need to have your door system checked quite often, especially if you feel there are some issues. Such a focus will help you ensure there are no problems that you might have ignored.

Keep all the parts of your garage door clean

You should focus more on not only keeping the tracks clean but also other parts using, for instance, a concentrated house cleaner. Cleaning all the parts of your garage door can help you to remove grease and dirt thus keeping the tracks smooth.


Quite often, your garage door may have some damages that require some repairs. While the damage might be a simple one, you should not ignore it to avoid dealing with a bigger mess than you contemplated. For simple repairs you can “DIY”; however, if it is a complex one, you may consider looking for a garage door service provider such as garage door repair Houston.

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