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Net Worth

She was born into wealth but has not allowed the money to stop her personal dreams. Brittany Favre is one of the admirable young ladies who have leveraged her access to capital and hard work to create a brand that we are certain has come to stay. It is thought she has a net worth of around $100k.

Brittany Favre is the daughter of the famous Brett Favre, one of the best quarterbacks in the Hall of Fame, according to Brittany Favre has shown that she is her father’s true daughter in many ways, her toughness and resilience paid off in a flourishing law career.

Brittany Favre – Early Beginnings

Born in Mississippi on the 6th of February, 1989, Brittany Favre had a fairy-tale childhood in her parents’ hometown – Hattiesburg, Mississippi. She was fond of her sister Breleigh, who is ten years younger, and a professional volleyball player.

Brittany Favre had amazing parents who taught her many things about life and how to follow her dreams. Her father, Brett Favre (more info), started his career as a quarterback at a very young age. His focus and professionalism got him very far and into the Hall of Fame. Brittany’s mother, Deanne Favre, established a foundation to support survivors of breast cancer, which she also survived in 2004.

As the first daughter of a successful sportsman, many people expected Brittany Favre to become more enthusiastic about sports, possibly taking up an interest in one of the sports. But she had other plans. Brittany Favre had a dream of studying law at college. She followed this dream and earned a degree in law, with a major in Sports and Entertainment law.

Brittany Favre was determined to create her brand independent of the success her parents had achieved in their careers and personal lives. She focused on learning and specialising in law, however, it was not so easy because she had a child while in college.

Academic and Legal Career

Brittany Favre fell in love with a young man named Patrick Valkenburg, just before she started her college year. They got married and had a child. At the time she was starting college; a young child was already demanding her attention. It wasn’t easy. To make matters worse, she separated and later got divorced from her husband.

She gained admission into the famous Loyola University to study law. While in college, Brittany Favre met Alex Mallion, the second man in her life. She later confirmed that Alex was responsible for her successful career as a lawyer. He encouraged her to complete her college education which she did in 2015.

Alex Mallion and Brittany Favre got married. They have a son named A.J. Brittany Favre finally got it right. Her marriage is great, and she is one of the partners in a thriving law firm in Hattiesburg which generates as much as $70,000 every year.

Also, Brittany was a major contributor in a documentary that unravelled her father’s achievements as a quarterback. Brittany Favre stays away from social media because she would like to keep her family affairs private. 

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