Doctor Sleep Review – A Fine Follow On From the Shining



This is an adaptation of Stephen King’s book titled Doctor Sleep, and we think the director did a wonderful job.

It is not easy to adapt such a detailed novel into a movie so compelling. The cinematography was excellent. And the cast, we have, yet again, seen one of the thrilling performances of a villain in one of Stephen King’s horror stories.

The book, “Doctor Sleep,” was first published in 2013, it was a bestseller too, according to If you have read the book, you will know that making a film adaptation was no easy task.

We heard that Stephen King was not satisfied with some scenes in the movie. He claims the scenes did not properly depict the events from the book. The director made a huge effort to get the job done during the shooting, trying as best as he could to meet Stephen King’s expectations.

 Regarding entertainment, this movie is one of those productions that will keep you on the edge of your seat. The suspense and horror depicted in this movie is difficult to describe. But we call it genius, we are happy with the results.

As a follow up to The Shining, the story in this movie continues from when Dan Torrance reunites with and his mother, Wendy, in Florida, says Memories of the past and horrific events remain fresh in their minds.

Dan struggles with his telepathic gift and the curse of alcoholism, which he inherited from his father. Still haunted by the traumatic events of his childhood, Dan turns to drugs as a means of escape.

Running away from his past, and living as a drifter, Dan enters a small town named New Hampshire. He settles in the new town and joins a support club for alcoholics and tries to pick up the pieces of his life. He finds love in a young girl named Abra, and that is how his troubles began again.

Abra is hunted by Rose the Red Hat, because of her shine. And Dan is left with no choice but to unleash his power to protect Abra.

The movie is a harmonious blend of fantasy, magic, psychology, and real drama. We like how the scenes play out one after the other in a compelling flow that keeps the viewers engaged.

The cast did a marvellous job. We were taken by how Dan Torrance, played by Ewan McGregor, delivered his character. The dialogue was perfect, using the right words that viewers will hold on to as the words drip from the mouth of the actors.

The villain in this movie was Rose the Hat, a role played by the outstanding actress named Rebecca Ferguson. She nailed the role perfectly. Rose the Hat effortlessly delivered a stellar performance that depicted a seductive, manipulative, and vicious character whose deep-rooted evil ambition kept her steadfast on the mission to destroy and steal the shine Abra possessed.

We did notice a few lapses in the storytelling, but maybe that is because of our experience. We are certain many viewers will not see anything wrong while they have a great time watching this captivating horror movie.

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