Good and Bad Brand Practices on Instagram


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The creation of an Instagram account for a brand may seem simple from a technical point of view, but it can be harder in terms of the content strategy to be defined. Indeed, on the social network, the quality of the visual is fundamental to capture the attention of users. In this article, we will offer you a summary of good and bad brand practices on Instagram. Let’s get into it!

Good Practices

To offer posts that encourage users to interact, consider the following tips:

1) Present Your Brand in a Creative Way

Find an original way to talk about your brand in your posts. Some companies prefer to display it in the center while others opt for the insertion of their logo in the background. For example, some brands show the existence of their brand via a smartphone screen.

2) Create Original Visuals

Your visual should be punchy and send users a clear idea. This must allow your Instagram followers to understand, in a fraction of a second, the message conveyed.

3) Offer Targeted Content

When creating content, keep in mind that it is aimed at your customers and prospects. This simple rule must absolutely be respected to boost your visibility and engagement on your posts.

4) Post the Content of Your Customers

Reposting content from an Instagram user is a great idea. This allows you to easily enrich your editorial line and enhance the loyalty of your customers. 

Your followers will then want to share photos of your products, to be highlighted on your page.

It’s good for engagement, e-reputation, and popularity.

5) Include People in Photos

Feel free to show people in your photos. Your followers want to see the faces of people who work for your brand or business. It humanizes you!

Bad Practices

By applying bad practices, companies take the risk of their followers being diverted from their accounts.

1) Publish Complex Visuals

Do not use visuals containing many elements. This type of image distracts users and does not encourage engagement. Keep in mind that users only view your posts for a few seconds. At a glance, they should have understood the message you want to get across and be encouraged to act.

2) Publish Visuals Without Text

Don’t just publish visuals. Put them in the text to make them easier to understand. By doing so, you will be able to disseminate your company’s storytelling.

When the followers of Click & Boat (boat rental site) saw the photo of origami in their news feed, they certainly wondered what it was. Fortunately, the company wrote a caption to explain to them that this photo share for the users who love origami! It’s funny, and it humanizes the start-up.

3) Post Selfies

Be careful not to confuse business Instagram account and personal profile. The first one is not used for advertising, let alone that of your physique. You can publish selfies from time to time with a creative caption on your personal profile. 

But where the selfie post is justified on business accounts? According to social media experts, you can share it when a user who values ​​your products.

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