Home Painting Trends in 2020


Home Improvement

Saying that 2020 has been interesting is an understatement.

This year has brought with it a huge interruption in our normal routines and a new set of concerns that have manifested in how people are approaching home improvement projects.

We spoke to a team of painters in Chula Vista to understand what some of the trends of 2020 are for home and residential painting. What we found was that these trends definitely reflect the current state of the world.

When the country essentially went into a lockdown in March due to the Coronavirus, people were spending more time at home than ever. They were anxious, they had more free time than usual, and they decided to tackle home-improvement projects in droves.


Homeowners looked around their houses and decided it was finally time to tackle some of the items on their list. The number one project tackled was painting their kitchen cabinets.

Colored cabinets or two tone cabinets have been trending for a few years, but this year the trend went more mainstream. People moved away from traditional design such as monotone cabinets in white or dark wood and opted for brighter colors in their kitchen. Painting cabinets is the fastest way to overhaul the look and feel of your kitchen without the hefty price tag of a complete remodel.

Blue cabinets became an overwhelming favorite, inching ahead of moss green as the color of choice in the kitchen.


Fueled by the same sense of getting things done around the house, demand for full home exterior painting increased in the months during the quarantine. Not only this, but homeowners were refinancing their homes in large numbers because of historic lows in refinance rates and this gave them an opportunity to fund their larger home improvement projects with money taken from their equity.

We also found that the low rates prompted many people to sell their home and upgrade to a new one. Giving their home a quick refresh with an exterior paint job before selling definitely fueled an increase in home painting.

However, homeowners opted for lighter and brighter colors when it came to painting their homes’ exterior. So far, 2020 has seen more homeowners looking to inject the year with bright notes, opting for shades of red, green and blue on their home’s exterior. This bucks the trend seen in previous years of homeowners opting for neutral tones and colors.


Paint additives are not something most everyday people know about. While normally used in places like daycare centers and hospitals, antimicrobial additives for paint have seen a huge jump in popularity in 2020. Now more than ever, people are taking measures to disinfect surfaces and keep their home as virus-free as possible.
This has caused them to research tools and strategies to keep their homes and families safe and healthy. As they turn to their painting projects and home make-overs, they are keeping this in mind.

Additives are basically technology developed to be added to paint and other surface coating materials that can help keep microbial growth at bay.

And as people maintain a routine with a high level of cleaning, homeowners are also looking for paint that can withstand scrubbing and frequent cleaning, regardless of the color or finish.

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