How Men Can Stay Fit And Healthy After 50



People commonly associate ageing with loss of hair, appearance of wrinkles, and hollow eyes, however people seem to neglect the thought of what happens inside our bodies when we age. As the body grows older, muscles can weaken, and flexibility lessens. The immune system can also become weaker which affects the body’s ability to fight off infection. Your organs will also start to slowly lose their function, and often the body will lose more hormones. Not all of these changes are obvious, which is why a men’s health check offered by Randox Health can identify these issues, opening the opportunity for early treatment.

This article will discuss how men over the age of 50 can prioritise their health:

Changing Your Diet

Changing to a more balanced, healthier diet can be difficult at the beginning. However, it is important that you are fuelling your body with the nutrients it needs to function to the best of its ability. For example, osteoporosis is a common condition present in those over the age of 50 which weakens the bones. Adding more calcium and vitamin D to your diet can strengthen bones before they become too brittle. You can seek advice from a health professional like your local GP for more guidance on following a balanced diet.

Exercising Regularly

Pushing yourself to stay active as you age is a crucial step in living a long and happy life. 150 minutes of moderate exercise per week is the perfect amount of physical activity to benefit your body and especially your heart. As you age, you become more at risk of developing cardiovascular disease, which can be life threatening. Therefore, keeping active can reduce your risk significantly, even if this is walking for 30 minutes per day.

Men’s Health Check Ups

Men are known for neglecting their doctors’ appointments, according to Healthline, and forgetting to prioritise the warning signs of their own health. Many people may base this on lack of knowledge or anxiety surrounding the results. However, checking on your health is the number one way to prevent any serious conditions from arising in the first place. A men’s health check-up can give the patient a breakdown of their health status including thyroid levels, organ functions, hormone imbalances, and vitamin deficiencies. You can receive professional medical advice on the next steps to take if a problem is detected. Early diagnosis means successful treatment and fast recovery.

Cut Out Smoking And Drinking

Alcohol and tobacco cause the body serious harm when consumed (source). Unfortunately, they are substances which cause addiction, as they release endorphins. Smoking and drinking can often be the two main causes of cancers as well as kidney, liver, and lung failure. Due to the consumption of alcohol and tobacco leading to addiction, there are resources for people to get help with their addiction and cut smoking and drinking out of their life for good.

Final Words

Age can have a major impact on the way your body functions, and it is important to prioritise your health in every way you can to avoid severe and life-threatening health problems. Making small lifestyle changes and altering daily habits can have a significant impact on your health, which benefits your bodily function long-term. You can always talk to a GP or any health professional for advice on living a healthy, happy life.

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