How Time Lapse Cameras are Used in the Construction Industry



We have all seen a time lapse video before. It shows us an event that takes place during a longer period of time, in a matter of seconds or minutes. Its effect is powerful and entertaining, to say the least. But today, there is a new way to use a time lapse camera on construction sites, that has changed the way companies proceed. Here is what you should know about this great innovation that simplifies the work in the construction industry.

Capturing the Entire Construction of a House

These days, before a contractor starts building a house, or any other building, the company installs a time lapse camera on the site. From the moment that the location is launched, it starts taking pictures at regular intervals, which it sends out through wi-fi, to anyone that has the access codes and the software necessary to receive and store the data. In the end, the jobsite camera will provide an entertaining video, as anyone will be able to watch the house getting build, from start to finish, in just a few minutes. But it will have done much an even much more important work, throughout its stay, on site.

The first objective of the time lapse camera is to provide information in real-time about what is going on, on the site. That way, managers don’t have to leave their office to visit the site on a daily basis. The data they receive enable them to react quickly, if they feel like the workers are not following the plans or if something seems wrong. They can then communicate with the person responsible on site and ask for a change to be applied, accordingly to what they have noticed. This will continue, until the work is fully done, and the keys are provided to the buyer.

Easier International Collaborations

Thanks to the time lapse camera, a buyer from another country can actually follow the work that is being done on the house being built for him, or on a building for his company. That makes it much easier to go into international collaborations, since everyone involved has access to all the data, at all times. If delays are encountered, it is easy to explain to the buyer, simply by showing what has happened on the site. It could be due to weather, or to material arriving late. At least now, the person paying the bills will precisely know how the situation went down. 

Time Lapse Cameras are Always On

This new technology was built so that it would never lack energy. First of all, they contain batteries that can accumulate a maximum charge. But that would not be enough to get them going throughout such a long period. And so, they are attached to their own energy source, which are solar panels (more details). They can then be left on site, without ever worrying that they will stop sending out their daily information, or worse, that they would stop taking pictures at regular intervals, which would destroy the final time lapse video effect.

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