How to Find The Best Home Appliance Repair Insurance Policy


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Home appliance repair insurance refers to a policy covering the cost of repair, maintenance and replacement of appliances and systems in your home. It’s not like other insurance policies covering sudden events, as it covers you for the expected wear and tear of important parts of your home. You can get broad coverage on these policies and finding the best one means knowing whether your appliances are at risk and getting a policy that truly fits those needs.

Home appliance insurance like one from Prominence Support will typically be offered as part of a standard package that covers specific appliances, with more items covered by higher priced plans. Coverage can sometimes be split between single appliances and whole systems, which means things can be easily spread throughout your home for standalone appliances or for plumbing. In addition, there may be higher costs included with some appliances or systems that are risky to insure.

What is the Cost of Home Appliance Insurance?

Home appliance repair insurance can cost anything from £90 to £240 per year depending on your insurer and level of coverage. However, your premiums will increase when you buy a policy that covers more appliances or opt for additional coverage of riskier appliances. For example, should your washing machine break down and you request your home appliance insurer to send a contractor to check the problem, a service fee has to be paid regardless of how severe the damage is.

What to Consider When Buying Home Appliance Insurance

When shopping for home insurance policies, the best policy will be one that covers the appliances you need at the right cost, and that differs from individual to individual. The least you can do is research prospective companies to see their policies and customer ratings. But keep these few tips in mind as you shop for home appliance insurance.

Take a Policy Covering Specific Home Appliances, or Something Close to That

There’s no need taking an appliance repair insurance policy if it will not cover the devices and systems you don’t have. For example, most standard home appliance repair insurance policies cover for clothes washer and dryer, but if you don’t have these, you’ll be paying to protect things you don’t have. You may be able to find better value when you look into warranty plans for standalone devices instead of a comprehensive policy if there are not a lot of appliances in your home. Another route you can take is to buy a policy from a warranty company that is open to customizing exactly what types of appliances are covered.

Know the Limits of Home Appliance Policies

While an appliance may be covered under your policy, its diagnosis and repair or replacement may only be covered up to a given limit. For instance, one of the top home appliance repair insurance companies, Prominence Support provides policies that cover appliances like dishwashers and refrigerators up to £500 per claim at unlimited times throughout the year . Ensure you regularly read your policy to better understand the coverage you are paying for.

Assess the Risk of Your Appliances Malfunctioning

You won’t want to give too much attention to buying home appliance repair insurance if you live in a new home with newly purchased appliances. Not only will the manufacturer’s warranty still cover many of your appliances, but newer devices are a lot less likely to break down. But if you want to safeguard your finances and prevent having to shell out money for unexpected costs, then taking home appliance repair insurances is a great way to protect yourself from that uncertainty of breakdown of appliance with a fixed insurance payment, even if your home is still new. However, if you are living in an old home where warranties have long expired, and appliances are aging, a sensible way to cover the heightened risk of issues that are a result of deterioration is by taking home appliance insurance.

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