How to Measure Your Face for Glasses


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When you are buying prescription glasses or sunglasses, size matters greatly. You want to buy a pair that fits perfectly and lines flawlessly with your face. However, you will notice that sunglasses are sometimes larger than eyeglasses, meaning their size doesn’t have to fit precisely. The same is also true that there are different varieties of sunglasses as opposed to prescription glasses. With all these elements in mind, you want to know which glasses are the right size for you. But, how do you measure your face for glasses?

Check on Your Current or Old Frame

One of the best ways to identify your frame size is by checking on your current frame. Even though every pair of glasses is different, you will find a set of numbers on the temple, or on the bridge of the frame. These numbers indicate your eye size, bridge size, and the temple size of your frame. For example, you will find numbers in this format, 54-22-140. Each of these numbers translate as…

  • Lens width (54) – This is the horizontal distance of the lenses at their widest points. This is also known as the ‘eye size.’ 
  • Width of the Bridge (22) – The bridge is the part that joins the lenses, and sits just above the nose. Generally, this size varies between 14mm and 24mm.
  • The length of the temple (140) – This is the arm of your glasses that goes over the ears. The length of the temple varies between 135mm and 145mm.
  • Lens height – This is the vertical distance of your lenses from top to bottom. Even though this varies with different brands, the standard lens height is between 32mm and 38mm.

Whether you are using your current glasses or checking with a friend’s pair that fits well, this is a good method to get the measurements right.

Use a Credit Card to Measure Your Face

Yes, you can use a credit card to know the right size of your glasses, according to Wikihow. The width of a credit card measures almost the same width of medium size glasses. So what do you need to do? Place the card on the bridge just under your eyebrow, then measure where the edge of the card reaches. If the card extends further to the edge of your eye, then your size is small. If the edge of the card line with the edge of the eye, then you need medium size glasses. The same is also true if the edge of the card ends before the outer end of the eye for large-sized glasses.

How to Find the Righ Bridge Width?

Measuring the size of your glasses is not complete without bridge measurements. A tight bridge will pinch your nose, and sit high on your face. A wide bridge, on the other hand, will slide down the face.

If you are looking for glasses with a small bridge, check for ones in the range of 14mm and 16mm. If you are in the medium range, buy glasses online with a bridge of 17mm and 19mm. A large bridge is in the range of 20mm to 23mm.

Once you have your measurements, you are ready to go shopping! Why not check out to browse a whole host of different glasses…

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