How to Move a Shed?


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Although moving a shed does not seem to be a simple process, this task can be easily completed if you use special moving tips. Moreover, the moving process can become almost insignificant for you if you choose the professional help provided by moving companies Walnut Creek CA   

4 Easy Steps to Move a Shed

An organized approach and careful preparation are the keys to an easy move. However, when it comes to something such cumbersome as a shed, organization is not enough. There is a necessity for professional help with moving and the use of the special moving technique. 

The best way to move your shed is to divide the process into four steps:    

·     Prepare the shed and choose the method for moving.

·     Prepare the location where you will move the shed.

·     Lift the shed and move it to its new location.

·     Secure the shed.

Prepare the Shed and Choose the Method for Moving

First of all, it is necessary to assess your shed and its current condition. You need to know its parameters, weight, and material or materials from which it is made. In addition, it is important to check the integrity, especially if it is old. A damaged barn can easily fall apart during transportation.

It is necessary to make the shed as light as possible to simplify transportation, so you need to remove all windows and doors from the barn. Of course, you will have to take out everything you store in the shed.  

Then, you have to decide on the moving method. There are four most common ways to move a shed:

·     Delivery on flatbed trucks and moving around the yard with motorized dollies.

·     Rolling the shed with the use of a series of metal pipes on wooden planks.

·     Pulling a chain attached to the shed with the help of a truck or tractor.

·     Lifting the shed by attaching long lengths of framing lumber to the shed sides to use them as handles.

The last method is usually used for small and lightweight sheds.

Prepare the Location Where You Will Move the Shed

The shed moving does not include only its budging. The process also includes a barn set up in a new location. So, before moving the shed, you have to decide on the location and prepare it, that is to lay a proper foundation.

There are several options suitable for the foundation for the shed including concrete blocks, a level gravel bed, and poured concrete pad.

In addition to the future location of the shed, it is important to prepare the path to this place. Clear the path to make moving as easy as possible. Moreover, it is necessary to consider the space limitations if you need to turn the barn during the move. Think about where it is better to unload the shed and turn it to the right side.  

Lift the Shed and Move It to Its New Location

If you decide to use a shed sled or rollers, you will have to jack the shed floor and put the moving apparatus underneath it. To stabilize the barn when you lift its corners one by one, use scrap wood as cribbing (definition).

When the barn is high enough, you have to slide the moving method you have chosen underneath and lower the shed back down carefully. At this stage, there are two options: you can hook a chain between the barn and the towing vehicle or roll the shed across prepared pipes and planks.

Take into account that if you lift the barn with attached boards, it is necessary to do it with the help of at least 2-3 people. To prevent injuries, make sure that you have coordinated your actions (more info).

Secure the Shed

When the shed is placed in the new location, it is necessary to secure it there. For a start, you need to remove any structure you constructed to lift and move the shed. Highly likely you will need to raise the barn with a jack to remove the sled, pipes, or planks. To make the shed stable during this removal process, use scrap wood as support.

Then, you can put the doors and windows back in the shed and attach steps and ramps if necessary. Finally, it is possible to refill the shed with your instruments, supplies, and other stuff. The moved shed is fully usable again.  

Remember that any issues you encounter can be solved with the help of a professional moving company.

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