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Need for Speed Heat is a sequel to the movie – Need for Speed Payback, which was released in 2017, according to Polygon. It is an open-world car racing movie with scenes that will leave you feeling a rush of adrenaline just by watching the action on the screen.

Need for Speed Heat is a fast-paced movie, and we found it entertaining. We saw common features from the game, such as the underground car racing tournaments, and the adrenaline pulsating police chase scenes.

Speed and Drifting

The choice of sports cars for this production was impressive. And the handling, which we are sure was done with doubles, was perfect most of the time. The top cars we observed in this feature include corvettes, McLaren Spider and P1, Ferraris, and the Shelby Mustang, among other hot cars.

While the speed scenes were real and captivating, we did notice some lapses in the drifting scenes. We know how difficult it is to pull a complete drift in real life. And the situations in the movie that had to be completed with a drift were almost impossible. So, we will give the producers a pass for the drift scenes even though the action could have been better.

On the other hand, the car angles were fantastic. That is the stuff car racing movies are made of. We were impressed with the car angles captured in this movie. The cameras followed the action from start to finish, giving the viewers a full view.

We wanted to see some classic racing cars from the early 1990s, but they were too few. We don’t know why the producers didn’t include some of the powerful machines from way back, just like we saw in the Need for Speed Payback movie.

Palm City, Miami

In this Need for Speed series, the action took place in Palm City, Miami. We think this is a good choice. The palm city has different features that are suitable for such a movie with high-speed car chases and fast, modern racing cars.

The city map highlights zones such as the lively city streets, abandoned racing zones, asphalt seas, and nightlife with the bars and clubs.

As usual, we saw fast-paced racing scenes on marked courses, which proved to be quite a challenge for the fast car racers. A game of wits and brilliance eventually brings victory. The racing events ended with cash payouts for the winners while the losers plan their revenge while sulking over the hood of their modern racing machines.

In conclusion, we did find open world car racing events intriguing. The lifelike objects outlining the scenes looked great. And the night time races had an impressive visual appeal, especially when it starts raining. However, we observed that not much work was done on the windshield wipers on the cars.

We also think the cop chases were aggressive and fun, while the inclusion of traffic was a great idea because the scenes become more immersive and compelling. So far, entertaining can be used to describe Need for Speed Heat, and it is worth your time.

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