Paris Hilton – Net Worth 2020


Net Worth

Paris Hilton is an heiress to the famous Hilton Empire. She is rich, beautiful, smart, and adventurous. At the age of 38, we can say that Paris Hilton has lived a fairy-tale life…

What Has Paris Hilton Been Up to Lately?

So what is our favorite heiress up to in recent times? It turns out that Paris Hilton has chosen to be involved with some really great projects, which have gone on to boost her wealth. Not only has she been involved in money-making ventures, she has been actively using her social media pages to help raise money for agencies that carry out pet rescue. She is also an advocate for the adoption of pets.

Paris Hilton has also been very busy shooting new videos for her YouTube channel. She also gives the public a chance to ask her questions with the hashtag #AskParis.

She’s Putting a Smile on Everyone’s Face…

Paris Hilton recently started the “Make a Wish” campaign that has helped so many people live their dreams. She has also been actively involved in different fundraising projects that donate all the proceeds to charity. One example of this is when she helped raise funds to support the people stranded by the wildfires that have ravaged many parts of Australia.


Paris Hilton has proven that she can be as versatile and successful as an entrepreneur. She is the creator of the fantastic perfume brand that has been named after her.

Paris has also earned a lot of money from singing and acting in movies such as House of Wax, Bottoms Up, Nine Lives, Repo, and many other movies. She is also an accomplished model with a glowing modelling career and portfolio.

Source of Wealth

We have traced Paris Hilton’s source of wealth to income earned from her lifestyle and fashion brands, which includes products such as perfumes, bags, and fashion accessories.

Paris Hilton has also earned a significant income from the entertainment industry. Of course, a lot of her initial money came from the success of Hilton Hotels. Here is an example of a Hilton Hotel in Downtown New York (Check it out – Hilton Hotel New York)

Net Worth

Paris Hilton is said to be worth about $300 million. The hard work Paris Hilton has put into her business has been recognized publicly. She was awarded the Innovator of the Year Award by The Fox Reality Brand. Aswell as this, her lovely fragrance was awarded the Female Celebrity Fragrance of the Year award in 2009, according to this link.

It has not been an easy journey to success for Paris Hilton. There have been scandals and setbacks that everyone thought she could never recover from. But, she has remained resilient and determined to prove to the world that regardless of her circumstances, she can successfully build her wealth and brand through hard work.

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