TV’s Influence on Career Choices: 3 Insights



We all love curling up on the couch and getting sucked into a good TV show. But have you ever considered that your favorite characters might be secretly influencing your future career path? Believe it or not, television plays a bigger role in shaping our dream jobs than you might think. 

Here are some ways the flickering light of the screen can spark a lifelong passion. 


Imagine you’ve never been on a horse, but then you get hooked on a show about a charming veterinarian who rides through fields saving animals. Suddenly, the idea of a career caring for creatures, big and small, seems way cooler.  This is the magic of television. It exposes you to all sorts of professions you might not have even known existed.  Maybe you discover a love for forensic science after watching a detective piece together clues on CSI, or law gets your adrenaline pumping after a courtroom showdown in a legal drama.  

TV lifts the curtain on different workplaces, giving you a glimpse into the daily grind (or excitement) of various careers.  This can be a great starting point, sparking an interest you can then explore further. 

Role Models 

We all have characters we admire on TV. They’re brave, funny, intelligent, or maybe they just have a killer wardrobe.  Whatever the reason, we find ourselves wanting to be a part of their world.  And this can really influence our career choices. 

If you see a character who’s a whiz at custom-building transformers (see and uses their skills to bring electricity to a village, you might be inspired to explore a career in electrical engineering. Or maybe watching a dedicated doctor like Meredith Grey on Grey’s Anatomy makes the long hours and pressure of medical school seem a little more bearable.  While the realities of these professions might not always match the glamorized versions on TV, these characters can definitely plant a seed of inspiration. 


Let’s be honest, TV can be pretty unrealistic sometimes.  Doctors always seem to have time for dramatic personal lives in between saving lives, and lawyers win every case with a perfectly timed closing argument.  While this doesn’t reflect the daily grind of most jobs, it can shape how we view a career’s value.  If you see a character who finds immense satisfaction in their work, solving puzzles or helping others, it can make that career path seem all the more appealing.  

You want to remember that TV portrays a curated version of work. Most jobs involve a mix of exciting tasks and mundane ones. 

The key takeaway? TV can be a powerful tool for inspiration, but remember to do your research!  Not every legal drama accurately portrays the courtroom, and being a veterinarian involves a lot more than just horseback riding.  Use TV as a jumping-off point, then delve deeper to see if that career path is truly the perfect fit for your skills and interests. 

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