What Are the Best Entertainment Options For an Older Crowd?



Entertainment is a large part of why people enjoy the events and parties they go to, so it’s important that you plan ahead and make every event the best it can possibly be.  With older crowds, you may assume that it’s harder to plan entertainment: but it’s really not!  

These are the best entertainment options for an older crowd, and why keep their age and interests in mind-matter!

Live Cover Bands

Cover bands are the best choice for many events, according to Thrive Global, but they’re especially awesome for older crowds who love bands that are no longer touring.  A good cover band can bring back some of the energy the old group used to have and invite viewers on a journey back into the past with them.  Although no cover band is flawless, the fun of seeing them transform into the band they’re playing is fun and exciting for any fan.

Awesome Comedians

Comedians are able to push away any boring energy at an event and bring a fun liveliness that you wouldn’t see anywhere else (check here for more info).  Comedians who know how to excite a room and play into the interests of who they’re entertaining are the best choice for any event.  Seek out a comedian who understands your crowd or is willing to work with whatever tips you give them so that you can be sure they’ll offer what your crowd wants to see.

Fun Celebrity Impersonators

This might be the most interesting booked talent you can find!  Celebrity impersonators are able to help stars pass through the decades without aging, and it’s always fun to watch happen.  

Consider the type of media and entertainment your group likes, and find celebrity impersonators who can do characters from these forms of media.  This could mean you hire a John Wayne impersonator that can do his walk perfectly or hire a Dolly Parton impersonator who’s able to sing her heart out.  Either way, make sure it’s someone your crowds will enjoy seeing.

Awesome Live Demonstrations and Classes

Everyone should keep learning throughout their entire life.  It’s never too late to start a new hobby or try something new and interesting you might not have considered otherwise.  Your event can be made far more thrilling if there’s a life demonstration, like cooking, or live classes, like wine and painting, that can help your guests push their abilities and minds while also enjoying a fun event.

Indoor Fun Theater

Indoor theater is one of the best ways to help people broaden their horizons and inspire a sense of excitement and interest.  Consider what type of theater would interest your specific crowd, based on what movies and shows they currently consume.  If they enjoy oldies (like this one), find a limited theater troupe that puts on classic shows- but know that not every older crowd likes the same thing!  Get to know your audience and pick the entertainment based on them specifically.

Entertainment is for Any Age Group

No event should exist without some entertainment!  Make the most out of a celebration by creating a space where people can have fun and cut loose!

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