What Makes ‘The Founder’ a Must-Watch Film? Find Out Here!



In the world of business, there are heaps of tales that would make for an amazing movie – some with happy endings, others not so much. “The Founder” is a film directed by John Lee Hancock that’s definitely in the latter category. 

But here’s the thing: it’s more than just a movie plot. There are some really valuable lessons packed into this story that could be useful to anyone in any industry at any stage of their career. This flick is compelling, and you won’t want to miss out on its takeaways!

Unraveling a Remarkable True Story

If you haven’t seen “The Founder” yet, you’re missing out! The movie is all about Ray Kroc (played by Michael Keaton), who a lot of people think started McDonald’s. It’s an honest look at how he went from selling milkshake machines to owning one of the biggest fast-food chains around. 

One thing that really stands out is Kroc’s unshakeable determination no matter what comes his way – it’s pretty inspiring stuff! As you go along for the ride with him, there are definitely some tense moments, but overall, it makes for an exciting story.

Unforgettable Performances

The acting in “The Founder” is just top-notch! Michael Keaton does an amazing job portraying Ray Kroc. He’s got that perfect mix of being incredibly ambitious, a little ruthless at times, but still totally charming. You can’t take your eyes off him! 

The rest of the cast also deserves huge props: Laura Dern, Nick Offerman, and John Carroll Lynch all nail their parts beautifully. It’s like they were born to play these roles because you really feel like you’re getting into each character’s head and experiencing everything right alongside them.

Invaluable Business Lessons

Are you looking for a movie that’s both entertaining and educational? “The Founder” is just what you need! Sure, it’s fun to watch, but there are also plenty of golden nuggets in there that can help anyone who wants to succeed in business. You’ll get an inside look at the real-world challenges faced by entrepreneurs

Also, you’ll discover why things like having a clear vision, never giving up, and adapting to change are so critical. And if you’re interested in branding or franchising – two key components of McDonald’s incredible success story – then this movie has some killer insights you won’t want to miss!

The Magic of Real-World Connections

“The Founder” makes a really important point about how crucial it is for businesses to be efficient and consistent in delivering what customers expect. One standout example of this from the movie is when McDonald’s created their “Speedee Service System.” This was a genius way of organizing everything in the kitchen so that they could make and serve food faster than ever before. 

This approach gave them an advantage over other fast-food places by improving their supply chain services such as these. The film zooms in on these details. This makes viewers realize just how much strategy goes into every little thing – and how paying attention to all these factors can make or break a business!


To sum up, “The Founder” isn’t just some regular old movie – it’s one of those films that takes you on an amazing ride through the business world. You’ll love how the story is so authentic, and the actors totally kill it with their performances. 

But what makes this flick really unforgettable are all the useful lessons you can learn from watching it. Also, everything feels easy to relate to because we’ve all been in a similar situation before. So, if you want to feel inspired or just check out something different than your usual Netflix binge-watch session, definitely give “The Founder” a shot!

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