When Does Winter Love Island 2020 Start?



To all the fans of Love Island, we have waited long enough, and the big day is fast approaching.

The winter Love Island season for the year 2020 starts in January. ITV has commissioned two new series, this is great news.

The first series will happen at a wonderful location, and we found out where it is – South Africa.

We have already seen an aerial shot of the massive luxury villa where the contestants will live. It looks great.

The New Winter Love Island

Here are the bits we know at this time. The winter series of Love Island will start on the 8th day of January, says RadioTimes. It is going to last for four months. This means that the show will continue until the first weeks of summer.

We are particularly excited about this season of the Love Island because it makes up for our disappointment about the cancelled Big Brother show that was earlier scheduled to show on Channel 5.

Our attention has been drawn to the new villa for the winter Love Island. Going by the pictures, it looks fantastic.

The villa features a swimming pool, fireplace, outdoor sitting area and luxury furniture indoors.

What Should We Expect From This Winter Love Island Series?

Plenty, the contestants look like really exciting people, and the location in South Africa is the perfect setting for such a show.

We expect the usual and much more, such as drama, snitching, love triangles, heartbreaks, and betrayal.

It is going to be a fantastic show for the younger audience. The single and good looking youths who have been selected for the winter Love Island show are drawn from different fields of life.

In particular, we have our eyes locked on a handsome contestant named Ellis Iyayi. He is a personal trainer and has a body that will make the girls go crazy. You may recognise Ellis from model shots for brands such as Nike, Asos, JD Sports, and other sports brands.

They all have something interesting going for them, we can’t wait to see what they all have to offer.

The Presenters and Narrators

We will be thrilled once again by the talented and beautiful Caroline Flack. We all know the show won’t be quite the same without Caroline; she has become one of the popular faces that we identify with the Love Island TV show every year.

Also, Lain Stirling will be the narrator in this Love Island series, according to https://www.mirror.co.uk/tv/tv-news/first-look-winter-love-island-21013303. He has done an excellent job in the past seasons, so we trust his abilities to give us a good performance.

Once again, it is going to be four months of guessing, Tweeting, and arguing on social media, while rooting for our favourite love birds on the show.

We have all been waiting; it is going to be a huge entertainment when the show starts. Personally, I cannot wait to pick my favourites and start defending their every move with my fingers on a smartphone keyboard, all through the show.

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