Why and How You Should Use Social Media for Your Business


Social Media

In the world of modern business, online advertising is an essential marketing tool. With an ever-increasing number of consumers turning to the internet to source goods and services, it is vital to have a strong internet presence.  

However, where once it was enough to have a website to advertise your products and personify your brand, today it is also imperative to utilize social media platforms. Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram – none must be neglected. 

Yet some business owners are left scratching their heads in consternation, unsure not only of why it’s so important to use them, but also how best to take advantage. With this in mind, here’s a brief guide to help you. 

Why Social Media matters? 

According to statistics, around 2.95 billion people across the globe use social media, a number that’s set to grow to around 3.43 billion by 2023. What this means, quite simply, is that it can make a wonderful tool for appealing to the masses – one that you’re missing out on by not fully utilizing its potential. 

While you might see how this argument makes it compelling, however, there are many who feel that, as they’re not sure of how to use it, and that they’re best leaving it alone. This is not the case, and we’d go as far as to liken the fundamentality of social media platforms to the importance of other essentials like insurance, proper accounting, and a strong leadership team.  

We’ll use the former as an example. Imagine, for a moment, that you’re looking for business insurance quotes online. What’s important is to find a product that covers all of your bases and still comes within budget. Without this, you risk either being inadequately covered or overpaying, both of which could be costly and potentially damaging for your business. What you want is a policy that’s properly tailored to your needs and ticks each of your boxes.   

The same is true of social media advertising. You need to ask yourself, firstly, how to tailor it to your specific business, and secondly, how to keep it within your means. This can be done in a number of ways, by considering important points such as who you’re hoping to target (i.e. your demographic) and how much you have to spend. Once you have answers to these questions, you have two options: you can either consult the experts or give it a go yourself. 

While the former can be helpful, most people are able to manage the basics for themselves, and that’s because of a number of easy-to-use marketing features that have been developed by social media platforms. 

How to Use Social Media

Paid Facebook Posts

When it comes to using social media to your advantage, one of the most useful tools out there is paid Facebook posts. Developed by the platform, these can be utilized by almost anyone and can have some rather impressive results. 

Essentially, they allow you to set a budget of your choosing, and to appeal to your preferred demographic by selecting them on the basis of a number of features, ranging from their location to their age and interests.

The result is targeted marketing that makes sure your money is being spent where it is most useful. 

Instagram Influencers 

Another option for those looking to utilize social media to their advantage is to collaborate with Instagram influencers. These are individuals who already have a substantial following, and who are willing to advertise your brand or products on their page in exchange for a fee.  

While they will often charge a significant sum in order to do so, around 75 percent of professional marketers take advantage of their services, with many seeing them as a valuable tool for enhancing a brand’s profile and visibility. 

While there is some debate over whether they’re worth the money with regards to directly driving sales, they can nonetheless be efficient in helping to put your company on the map.


TikTok is fast becoming one of the best ways to gain a foot hold in the market if you are targeting those from the younger generation. Many from Generation Z use TikTok instead of traditional social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Make sure you have a good TikTok profile picture to make your profile stand out. You may wish to download your existing profile picture to work on it. You can do this by visiting this link – https://tikfuel.com/tiktok-profile-downloader/.


For those who are not looking to spend substantial amounts, Twitter and tweeting can also be helpful. While this doesn’t cost, so won’t need to come out of your coffers, it’s still worth investing some time into understanding how hashtags work in order to make the most of them. 

One way to do this is by looking at the ways that successful companies in the same niche tag their products, as well as the sort of persona they use on the platform and the content they put out. 

This can all help to inform your own marketing strategy, to make it much more successful and well worth your time. 

When it comes to modern marketing, social media is a tool you really can’t afford to ignore. Do your research, get to grips with how it works, and use it to ensure that your online profile and brand visibility soar.

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